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    Bill, thanks for your coenmmt! We truly apologize for not seeing your coenmmt when it was originally posted as we were in the midst of moving the store in the Fall and simply did not do much with the blog, as we should have. I don’t know if you were able to get your question answered elsewhere, but the Bullard Field Pant from Bills Khakis has been very difficult to find the last several seasons because Bills chose to discontinue that fabric from their line a few seasons ago.However, after much feedback from their customers, Bills Khakis is actually reintroducing the Bullard Field pant, in limited quantities only, for the upcoming Fall 2012 season. The only way to ensure you get one for yourself is to reserve it now as Bills Khakis will only cut and make what is preordered. If you are interested, please feel free to give me a call here at the store and I will be glad to get your reserve order in place to ensure a pair of Bullard Field pants are waiting for you come August or September 2012. Call me at the store at (615)-321-0686 and I will be happy to help! Thanks again! Miranda, J. Michaels Clothiers

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